Tenant Notification Board:

  • Major Capital Projects: N/A
  • City Issued Orders: N/A

Pest Inspections / Treatments:

  • Common areas of the building are inspected every 30 days. Information package available in superintendent office

General Amenities:

  • Accessibility: Y
  • Elevator: Y
  • Security: Y
  • Visitor parking: Y
  • Amenities: Y
  • Cooling room: N/A


  • Gas Service: Enbridge
  • Hydro Service: Hydro One
  • Water: Municipality of Durham
  • Heating type: Electric
  • Central Air: N/A

Cleaning Plan / Schedule:

  • information package available in
  • superintendent office

Waste / Recycling Waste Diversion Plan

Small household waste

  • Use garbage chute - located on every floor.

Items too large to fit in chute + kitty litter:

  • Use bins located by the back door of the building.
  • Please do not place furniture or other large items by the back door or the garbage bins.
  • Please take this type of garbage to the facility noted below.

Please recycle

  • Paper, glass, plastic, batteries, light
  • bulbs - bins are located at the back of the
  • building. Please check the labels on the bins
  • carefully to properly dispose of recyclable
  • items

Batteries / Lightbulbs

  • Boxes are stored in the superintendent's office.

Hazardous & Special Waste:

  • Each tenant must take responsibility. For property disposing of this type of waste.

Regional Waste Dispoal Site:

  • 1640 Ritson Road North (at Taunton Rd.)

PROPERTY MANAGER: Andrea Walkar Phone: 905.579.1626 EXT.3241

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